Stand Up Paddle in Ria Formosa 


Olhão – Armona Island

The SUP tour Olhão – Ilha da Armona, takes us to one of the 5 barrier islands that protect Ria Formosa lagoon system. A nice and peaceful tour, where we can watch numerous species of birds that make this lagoon system its habitat, such as Spoonbills, Pied Avocet, Black-winged Stilt, Little Bittern, among many others and where we can also see the famous Ria Formosa fisherman’s collecting shellfish. Arriving to Armona Island, a short break to stretch your legs, have a refreshing swim or enjoy a drink in one of the seafront bars. After the break, time to start the way back to the starting point. The tour have a duration of 2h30 and it’s ideal for all levels, with and without Experience. Minimum of 2 participants.

Olhão – Fuzeta

The SUP tour Olhão – Fuseta, takes us through some of the Ria Formosa channels that you just can reach by SUP. The tour can start in Olhão or Fuseta depending on the tide and wind conditions. In this tour we have the chance to see the oyester nurseries. After theses we enter in one of the less explored áreas of Ria Formosa. Throughout the course we have the opportunity to see in their natural habitat species such as the Black-winged Stilt, Spoolbills, Pied Avocet, Little Bittern and much more. This is a tour that have his start in one point and finishes in a different one. The tour have a duration of 2h30 and it’s ideal for all levels, with and without Experience. Minimum of 2 participants.

Tavira – Santa Luzia

This is a unique oportunity that takes you to explore Ria Formosa and to Discover the history of the city of Tavira and it’s rivers Gilão and Séqua. The tour can start on Santa Luzia or in Tavira, depending on the tide and wind conditions. When the tour starts in Santa Luzia, allow us to explore first Ria Formosa and then Gilão river. Taking advantage of the sands of Barrier Island Tavira, we stop to stretch our legs and have a refreshing swim. After the break we resumed the tour towards the city of Tavira. It is not uncommon to see Flamingos near the mouth of the River Gilão. Arriving to the city of Tavira our guide wll tell you the story of the city and show to you the point where the rivers Gilão and Séqua touch. The tour have a duration of 2h30 and it’s ideal for all levels

Sunrise and Sunset – Stand Up Paddle Tour

These are the two magical times of the day. we give you the opportunity to welcome the new day in a  SUP tour. The calm waters of the Ria are perfect to start a new day at its best. The sunset… An apotheotic moment, the culmination of another day. This is the best possible way to say goodbye to another day, to say goodbye to the great fireball that illuminates and warms us. From the waters of the Ria Formosa, this is a privileged perspective to watch the sunset and all the orange tones from this time of the day. The tours have a duration of 2h30 and it’s ideal for all levels





Experience Includes:

Neoprene suit

All activities are always guided by a  certified SUP instructor, allowing that you, your friends and family enjoy the maximum of our tours, always in safety.

Not included: Flights

Duration: About 2h30

Min 2 pax / Max 5 Pax



Prices from: € 30 Pax

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