Loulé, Rocha da Pena & Fonte da Benémola Walking Tour

Fonte da Benémola and Rocha da Pena are protected nature conservation areas which support ecosystems of great ecological interest.

The 390 hectares which make up the Fonte da Benémola area, located between Querença and Tôr, preserve a diverse range of plant life not commonly found in the rest of the Algarve, as well as exclusive and diverse species of animal life which can best be seen by walking along the banks of the Menalva Stream.

Between Benafim and Salir, with an area of more than 600 hectares and rising to a height of 479 metres, the craggy terrain of the Rocha da Pena site invites tourists to go for walks and enjoy the great view.

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Time: 9h30 (please arrive 10 minutes earlier to the meeting point.  We all want to have a great experience starting on time)

When: everyday

Language: English (Portuguese, French & German on request )

Duration: approximately 5:30 hours with lunch

Distance:  12 km / 8 miles (somewhat difficult)

Group size: 3 pax min, 8 pax max


Adults:  79€

Children:10 -16 years old*: 39,50€ |  < 9 years old: not recommended

*should be accompanied by parents

Included: Guided Tour, lunch

Sales: Tickets must be purchased by 3 days before and are non-refundable

Flights and airport transfers not included.

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The Algarve is widely known for the beauty of its beaches, the excellent sunny days and mild climate. But along with all this there is also an Algarve still hidden, with natural parks where you can admire species of little known birds. Where you can find tracks by the sea and in the interior where few go, where there are still ancient traditions and you can learn to live healthy and joyous rhythm even if it is only during the holidays.

The Algarve Nature Tours were developed by the Nature Department of Domitur – leading travel agency in Portugal that develops packages and welcomes tourists in Portugal since 1988.

We selected the best specialists in different areas to work with us and we offer you a complete product, that has been tested so that customers can have great vacation. In the comfort of your home you can select dates and programs that we have set for your holiday. You can even organize a group of friends and suggest your own dates to do a program together.

When choosing a vacation package from Algarve Nature Tours you can rely on us to have a quality holiday, with full assistance and satisfaction.

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