Hiking on the West Coast of Portugal

120 Km along the cliffs, trails only made by foot!

The Beaches of the Vincentine Route are its greatest treasures. Of incredible beauty, they still have their primitive natural surroundings and the tranquility of Nature in its pure state. These trails made by local fisherman to get to the beaches and hot fishing spots are challenging and impressive by the permanent contact with the wild and powerful natural landscape.

Note:. This program was planned for active clients that are able to walk 20 to 22 Km per day.

Not recommended for people with vertigo or fear of heights.

Dificulty level: Moderate to difficult Max distance: 22Km/day

Arrival to Faro airport and transfer to Porto Covo.

Porto Covo – Vila Nova de Milfontes

You will start with one of the best, long and tiring journeys, walking all day in the send and climbing 51 meters. Get amazed by the diversity of beaches such as Ilha do Pessegueiro, Aivados and Malhão. (20 Km, 7h, Difficult).

Vila Nova de Milfontes – Almograve

Vila Nova de Milfontes is probably the busiest town along the entire coast. Crossing the bridge you will have amazing
views over Vila Nova de Milfontes. The natural vegetation attracts many different species of birds and small mammals. Walk along the coast (15Km, 5h, Somewhat Difficult).

Almograve – Zambujeira do Mar

This route, where you can appreciate reddish sand dunes is also the unique place in the world where you can see storks nesting on the cliifs. Here you can also see Peregrine Falcon, Jackdaw and Black Redstart. More than twenty species of birds nest in this site. Stop for a few minutes to see the light house of cape Sardão. (22Km, 7h, Somewhat Difficult).

Zambujeira do Mar – Odeceixe

In this trail you can find amazing cliffs made by the decompose plants. After dyeing and decompose, the sandstone shells that
surrounded the roots remain there, hollow, an interesting and intriguing find for any walker. Also you will also find abundant signs of the presence of mammals, especially carnivores living among the dunes, but will be find to see them because most part they are nocturnal. Rabbits are other mammals that build their burrows in the most stable of the sand dunes. (18Km, 7h, Somewhat Difficult).

Odeceixe – Aljezur

Combine the Fisherman trail of Odeceixes Beach with the Historical Trail. Odeceixes beach is astonishing. The initial part of this circuit is side by side with the Seixe river. The wetlands at the mouth of rivers and streams are areas of high productivity, i.e.: they are the breeding place for many miniscule life forms which feed the fish, reptiles, birds and mammals. Keep your
adventures joining for the first time the historical route. This walk through the coastal upland crosses farmland growing sweet potatoes, maize, peanuts and tomatoes, interspersed with areas of pine and eucalyptus trees. Follow the historical way till Aljezur.

Odeceixe circuit (7km, 2h, easy) + historical trail (18 Km, 6h, easy)

Atalaia Beach

In a place marked by the strength of legends and the time of the Portuguese conquest of the Moors, this walk is a real trip back in time. The list of occupants of this region is extensive and includes Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs. But the highlight of this circuit is the dune vegetation that includes aromatic shrubs (such as thyme, amaranth, rosemary, myrtle and French lavender), medicinal and edible plants (such as wild asparagus, rock roses, cytinus hypocistic, crowberries and Genista tridentata) and endemic and rare plants (such as Cistus palhinhae, Thymus camphorates or Linaria ficalhoana). You can decided to return to the hotel by foot using the historical Trail or by transfer (not included). (if you consider to return
than you will walk 22 Km, 7h, Somewhat difficult).

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7 nights on the best creative rural Houses with breakfast sharing twin room

7 pic nic lunch

Luggage transfer between Accommodations

Transfer from and to Faro airport

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