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The South West Coast of Portugal it is characterized by amazing beaches, separated by huge cliffs and untouched landscapes.

These 8 days tour comprises 5 walking days by the historical way and fishermen trails of Rota Vicentina.

The Historical ways run through the main towns and villages in a rural itinerary with several centuries of history. It is a classic Grand Route (GR), and in February 2016, has been certified by the European wide label “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe.

To complete this journey, you will also walk through the Fisherman trails, used by locals to get to the beaches and hot fishing spots. By taking these trails you will be in permanent contact with the ocean winds, the harsh coastal scenery and the wild and powerful natural landscape.

The program was made to have a relaxed walking holidays with time to discover the local culture, to taste the typical food and to appreciate the quietness of the South West Algarve.

Note: some of the fisherman trails are not recommendable for persons with vertigo or fear of highs.

Arrival to Faro Airport.  Private transfer to Aljezur on request.

Aljezur – Arrifana

You must not leave Aljezur before climbing to the castle and enjoy the surrounding views. From the top you can take in the village, the flat fertile ground of the lowlands, and the creeks that wind through these fields with their magnificent galleries of poplars, alders, ash trees, willows and tamarisks.

Starting by the historical way, at Km 3 we will take the fishermen trail to arrive to Arrifana.. Along this walk we will be passing by the beach of Monte Clérigo and walk by the coast, passing in the mythical Ponta da Atalia.

Transfer from Arrifana back to the hotel included.

12 Km, 4 h, somewhat easy

Pontal da Carrapateira Circuit

Transfer to Carrapateira included.

This circular walk, starting in the village of Carrapateira, it’s ideal to stay for another night, allowing you to contemplate and experience the very close relationship that the people of this land have with the sea. Along the circuit you will come across various viewpoints, with superb views of the escarpments, the sands of Bordeira and Amado and also the ruins of an ancient Islamic fishermen’s settlement. Enjoy the rest of the day to relax and know the small village of Carrapateira. In the afternoon we still have time to visit the local Museum Museu da Terra e do Mar.

Transfer from Carrapateira back to the hotel included.

10 Km, 3 h, easy

Carrapateira – Pedralva

En route to the interior, on the way to Vilarinha and Pedralva villages, along the riverbanks, there are tamarisk, willow, ash and Portuguese oaks. On the drier slopes, cork oak, maritime and stone pines, oleaster and olive trees. On the steepest slopes you can admire the natural vegetation, virtually untouched by man, with dense scrub under the cover of cork trees. In this undergrowth arbutus, white heather, scotch heather, viburnum tinus, cistus, lentiscus, wild asparagus, laurel and furze are in abundance.

The Village of Pedralva it’s a rural village of Vila do Bispo, which once was inhabited by over 100 people, entered in the last 25 years a painful process of desertification. After a long process of negotiation and rehabilitation, was brought to life by rebulting 25 houses with the feel and spirit of ancient villages and that today can provide accommodation for to tourists that visit this area of Portugal.

10 Km, 3 H, easy

Free day

Take this day to enjoy the Village of Pedralva or to discover the surroundings. Enjoy the beach, take a ride on bike, a surf lesson or make a massage. The most important is to relax and enjoy the quietness of this area.

Pedralva – Vila do Bispo

Leaving Pedralva, we can find some temporary ponds next to the wind farm. They are perhaps the richest habitat in biodiversity in Sw Portugal, fundamental, for example, for the reproduction of most of our amphibians. They are free from predators of eggs and tadpoles precisely because they are temporary (they dry up in Summer), so they are a safe place in which to lay eggs. From autumn to Spring, in addition to thousands of tadpoles, the ponds are populated by birds, tortoises, mammals and plants. In April and May the flowers offer a palette of colours: blue forget-me-not, yellow narcissi, lilac hyacinths, purple orchids, white marigolds. In Summer, this island of diversity goes into aestivation presenting a deserted and desolate aspect.

12 Km, 3,5H, easy

Vila do Bispo – Cape S. Vincente

Today, we will be walking towards the south western tip of Europe. This is a magical place where we can almost hear the echoes of the voices of sailors and pilgrims. Monumental cliffs, outstanding views over the coastline and a privileged area to watch the natural phenomenon of autumn bird migration. In the middle of the walk we will take the Fisherman trail to be more close to the sea.

After Arriving to Cabo São Vicente we still have the chance to follow the main road to arrive to Sagres where we will stay overnight. (6 km).

14 Km, 4h, somewhat difficult

Extra: Cape S. Vicente – Sagres (6 Km, 1,5H. easy)

Check out. Private transfer (on request) for Faro APT
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What´s included

7 nights on basic Bed & Breakfast 4*Hotels/ rural houses
5 pic nic lunch
Luggage transfer between Accommodations
Map and Guide book in ES, EN, FR or DE


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Flights and airport transfers not included.

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