Responsible and sustainable tourism in the Algarve

The most precious thing we have in life is our mother Heart.

Algarve Nature Tours wants to promote a responsible and sustainable tourism.

We don’t intent to promote massive tourism or be the number 1 on sales. We rather prefer to promote sustainable and respectful tourism, working with local partners, in respect for the nature and taking care of our clients. The beauty of nature is possible to be appreciated in silence and in peace within a small group.

In order to help to promote a sustainable tourism we developed a campaigned that donates 5€ for each booking made in our website. The client can select the campaign they would like to support.

Choose the campaign you want to support:

Reforestation in Portugal

Reforestation of the affected areas in Portugal by the fire.

Reduce plastic in the oceans

Over the last few decades, millions of tons of plastic have wound up in our oceans. It’s easy to see how the amount can add up considering the global production of plastic stands at around 288 million tons per year, and as much as 10 percent of that finds it way to the ocean. –

Compost local

Local project with the schools to promote the practical of doing compost and generate employment in the city.

Access to water

Nearly 1 billion souls lack access to clean water; three times that number lack access to proper sanitation. ( )

Action you can take during your trip to promote a sustainable Tourism:

  • Get to know your airplane footprint ( ) and donate this amount for environment projects. Let us know if you need help to find one.
  • Reduce the plastic during your journey. Use a reusable water bottle. In Portugal you can drink water from the tap. Everyone will be welcome to let you refill your
  • Avoid waste. Save some water by taking short showers. Avoid to waste food.
  • Reduce energy consumption. Unplug your mobile phone charger, turn off the lights and the air conditioner if you are not in the room
  • If you need a car, rent an electric or hybrid car
  • Buy and eat local products to reduce the C02 emissions.
  • Don’t throw garbage in the nature.
  • If you stay for more than 1 night in the same hotel reuse your towels.
  • In Portugal you find easily recycling bins
  • If you want to help the local community search for a local project

The good news is that if you book with us you probably doing a bike, walking and eco-friendly holidays (we rent electric cars). So it means that you are already contributing to reduce the impact of your trip.

Creating some awareness:

  • The global travel and tourism industry creates approximately 11% of the world’s employment (direct & indirect) in 2016.
  • Buying local could achieve a 4-5% reduction in GHG emissions due to large sources of C02 and non C02 emissions during the production of food.
  • A species of animal or plant life disappears at a rate of one every three minutes
  • 70% of marine mammals are threatened
  • 1 acre of trees absorbs 2. 6tonnes of CO2 per year
  • More than 80% of the world coral reefs are at risk. Nearly 2/3 of Caribbean reefs are in jeopardy
  • Eating beef is the most water consumptive practice by travelers
  • 2015 was the warmest year by margin on record
  • Seawater is expected to rise 70 cm in the next 10 years
  • By 2050 climate change could have directly led to the extinction of 30% of species, the death of 90% of coral reefs and the loss of half the Amazon rainforest.
  • Every year we dump 40 million tons of carbon pollution into our atmosphere



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