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Enough of excuses! If you think it’s not for you, you’re wrong.
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Bike tours for non bikers???

Every time I say that I like to ride a bike and that I travel on a 6-day bike ride I have several friends who are surprised and who tell me that they think they would never be able to do that. And I see that you are one of those cases! You don’t think this is for you!

Well, everyone who has made these trips with me is crazy, super excited and comes from there to say they want more!

Do you think it’s not for you? Then read on!

Contrary to what many people think, a bicycle tour does not mean that you have to ride a bicycle regularly. I didn’t ride a bike myself before venturing on this journey of promoting bike tours! That’s why our tours are designed for people who simply want to get to know Portugal in a different way.

They want to experience the beauty of contact with nature, they want to have a more active holiday and socialize with other people from other parts of the world. These tours are not for professionals. They are for tourists, for the curious, for people who like to try new ways of traveling!
You don’t have to worry about anything here. We take care of everything. Since you land in Portugal, there is a whole plan of activities and free time that will make you disconnect from your daily life and simply TRAVEL! We want to inspire you! We want you to be inspired by this trip and to take it later into your life!

Nature does that! Inspire us !!

The bicycle is just a means of transport that will allow you to get to know Portugal in a different light. That will also help you to realize that YOU ARE ABLE! And it can transform your life forever! Are you still not believing? See the testimony
Don’t be scared by the kilometers you have to travel. In fact if you are not used to cycling regularly, we have the option of an electric bicycle, which I must tell you, is spectacular! Only those who haven’t tried it yet don’t love electric bikes.

In addition, you will be able to discover the true Portuguese culture through the support of our guide. You will be able to interact with the locals, to know how we select, for example, the fish we eat. You will be able to try typical dishes from each area. You will learn the true traditions of the Portuguese and the history behind each place, instead of looking without realizing everything that surrounds that place.
Security is another important issue for us. We have been operating in the market for 31 years. We don’t like to take unnecessary risks. Adventure yes, but in safety! That is our motto. So we try to choose less busy routes, we always have local partners able to respond in case of an emergency, we are licensed, we always activate insurance for the activity and we try not to exceed anyone’s limits. We take advantage of our customers’ feedback to improve our tours.
It is time to make YOUR decision. To make your transformation

Tick the sentences where your answer is yes!

 I like to ride a bike

 I have never experienced a bicycle holiday but I am curious

 I would like to know Portugal

 You feel exhausted and would like to have some time for yourself

 I would like to have a different vacation that would bring my family together

  I seek inspiration in my life

 I need to change my life and start to have healthier behaviors

I want to disconnect from my day-to-day life

If you tick any of these sentences I have a very special invitation to you.

To join our webinar where I will speak about all type of holidays that we can organize in Portugal!

Okay, this WEBINAR is for YOU

FAQ’s –  frequently asked questions

1. Whats the recommended age of the participants?

We have no minimum age of participation. It depends a lot on the tour and how they will travel. We already had half day walks where the family brought a 9 month old baby and a 4 year old daughter. In bicycle tours we have already had clients who brought children aged 2 and 5 and rented the trolley to be able to take their children while riding the bike. However, there are tours where we do not recommend. It always has to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis and for that we suggest that you contact us through the contact form. Regarding bicycle tours, we have already had 12 year old accompanying where the routes have an average of 40 km / day. Everything will depend on the type of tour you choose. For that reason we also organize webinars where you can see your questions answered live.

2. How do you manage pace of different participants?

Our tours are for tourists that wants to visit Portugal. There is usually plenty of time to cover the kilometers established for that stage including stops to see the monuments, enjoy a good meal and take some pictures along the way. The guide manages the speed of the group and in extreme cases, as has already happened, we suggested to a participant who was staying a little behind to switch to an electric bicycle. After having changed, he started to accompany the group and enjoy the trip much more. Remember that these tours are not competitions. We want you to discover the country traveling by bicycle. It is important that the every client enjoy the journey. And all stages are designed for anyone to do. Even if you are not in the habit of cycling, with an electric bicycle you can accompany the most experienced / prepared to ride a bicycle.

3. In case of a problem, who is accompanying the base?

If there is a problem with a client along the route and there is no possibility of continuing with the group, a transfer is suggested / arranged so that you can be taken to the hotel together with the bicycle. The guide accompanying the group makes the assessment of the situation and together with the office we make the best decision for the client and the group.

4. Do you provide bicycle assistance?

 If there are problems along the way, depending on the tour, there are 3 possibilities. 1st the problem is fixed immediately. 2nd It is not possible to repair the problem so the customer will be transported to the accommodation with the bicycle. 3rd If you have purchased the VIP pack it is activated and the bicycle will be replaced immediately. If the person is injured in a way that makes it impossible to progress, the insurance will be activated and the person will be transported to the nearest hospital or health center.

5. Do you provide medical assistance?

 The company that organizes the tour has 2 insurance. Civil liability insurance and insurance for participants in activities. If there is a problem, the insurance is activated in order to face any problems that may exist.

6. Start and end times for each stage?

The stages usually start between 9 am and 9:30 am and end around 17:30 pm. Some days will be shorter. It also depends a lot on the number and time of stops along the way.

7. Withdrawal midway. How do they do it?

The person and the bicycle are collected if the person is unable to continue pedaling. It has never happened so far because our goal is to let people enjoy cycling holidays in our country. This means that the stages are designed so that people can complete them in a regime of pleasure and not effort. For those who are less physically prepared or have no physical preparation, we strongly advise you to use an electric bicycle.

8. Does adverse weather conditions cancel the stage?

 So far we never canceled. We have already caught rainy days and as a general rule customers are prepared to ride a bike in the rain. These days we try to coordinate the departure times and the bike path with the times that rain less. But it can happen. We even have a list of materials to bring, which we pass on to our customers where we inform what they should bring for the rain. To date, no one has ever cancelled, no one has ever missed the stage or the stage was canceled because of rain.
It is also important to note that routes in the Algarve and Costa Vicentina have a low probability of getting rain. So if you want to reduce the probability to get rain during your holidays, the tours in South are better for that.

9. What is the degree of difficulty of the stages?

 We have tours of different levels of intensity. Most tours are prepared for people who are not used to ride a bicycle, as we intend to show another way of making tourism, healthier, in greater contact with nature, with greater respect for the environment, in a more sustainable way. However, for people who practice sports, we have more demanding tours, with higher mileage and higher altimetry. Sometimes we even have requests for groups of friends who want to come and train or take a long weekend to ride a bicycle in our country. They do in mountain about 70 to 100 Km per day. But our tours are for non experienced riders or “curious” riders.

10. What is the relief (uphill / downhill)?

 Depending on the stages, but on the most recommended tours we have max altimetry. 400 meters daily. And they are not every day. There are only 2 to 3 at most (50% of the route days).

11. What's the minimum and maximum participants per tour ?

A guided group usually has a minimum of 6 participants. However if there are 2 people interested in doing it, it is possible to do it. The maximum depends on the number of registrations. As a rule the maximum number is 16 people. However, it is possible to guide a group of 30 or 50 people, subdivided into smaller groups and with several guides to accompany. An evaluation of the performance of each client is also made to create homogeneous subgroups.

12. Which Language do you use to communicate with participants?

 The main language in which the tour takes place is English. Sometimes a tour leader from another nationality is used who translates into the client’s mother tongue. But these cases only happen when the groups see them through tour operators or if they specifically ask us to have 1 extra person who speaks their language to accompany the group.

13. Do you use local guides?

 YES!!!! This is a GREAT VALUE of our tours. Our guides are local, know the region, know the trails. In addition to being a way of supporting the local economy, it is also a great asset because he will always be the person in contact with the local community and is often a person very much appreciated locally.

14. How do you deal with food allergies and restrictions?

 Before the tour starts, people are asked about allergies and food restrictions. Based on the responses, restaurants will be selected and information will be passed on to the kitchens to ensure that the person will enjoy the meal without worrying about whether there will be food they can eat.

15. Is it safe to do a cycling tour in Portugal?

 Portugal is a safe country. Most of the tours we do use cycle paths and alternative roads with little traffic to ensure customer safety. However, sometimes we have to do a few kilometers on the busiest roads. When this happens, the guide always tries to give the group initial explanations of how to behave to avoid accidents.
In our tours we also promote the use of the helmet. However harmless the route may be, sometimes people are distracted by looking at the landscape and it has already happened that we have people falling, practically standing still. The helmet protects against direct contact with the head on the ground or with any object and is one of the best protection mechanisms for cyclists.
We believe that prevention is better than cure so our guide will use a helmet, the rental of our bikes includes a helmet and all the necessary information is given so that the person has a pleasant trip avoiding unnecessary risks.